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How To Get The Best Las Vegas Erotic Massages

There’s nothing like the feeling of a beautiful woman rubbing her hands on your body as she offers up a massage. Sure, you could head down to the hotel spa and spend some time with the specialists there. They will give you a great, traditional massage. But that’s not what you want. You want something a bit more…intimate. We like to call it an adult massage. And whether you’re searching for the ultimate couples massage, or you’re on your own, when it comes to sensual massage Las Vegas services, we have you covered. The sensual massage can be anything from a Thai to dark tantra, four hands or a foot massage (where the girl rubs your body with her feet). It’s all available right here. So instead of trying to slip the spa girl a few extra bucks for a happy ending, why not have a happy entirety of a massage? You can do exactly that with exotic massages offered by our girls. 

Who Should Use Incall vs Outcall Massage

When you’re setting up your massage you will have three main questions you’ll need to answer out of the gate. From there, everything else will be secondary, or you can adjust what you’d like during the massage. First, you’ll want to know what kind of massage you’d like. It’s not just asking for a happy ending massage or a deep tissue massage. No, we’re talking Nuru, Tantra, four hands, or something else of that nature. And don’t worry, we will walk you through each massage with more depth if needed. It’s a no-pressure booking process, so we will go over the various massages and the benefits of them. 

The second question you’ll need to answer is which girl do you want. Is there a massage girl that looks nice? Or maybe you want to know which girl offers the best tantra or soapy massage? We can offer suggestions based on the kind of massage you’d like. 

The third question is whether you want a parlor or in-room massage. With an in-room massage, you will receive an outfall service, where the girl goes directly to your hotel room in order to provide the fantasy erotic body rubs and other services you’re interested in. With a massage parlor, everything will happen inside the parlor. That can be nice if you don’t want people seeing a woman come to your hotel door (such as if you’re at a work conference), or you just don’t want to get the Nuru oil all over the bedspread. There are benefits for each, but you can get your Asian erotic massage in either location.

The Advantages Of Outcall Massage

The major benefit of the outcall massage is it is super easy. You don’t have to get all dressed up, call an Uber, and drive to the other side of the city. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. There’s already all kinds of things you want to be doing. Maybe you even need to catch up on some work. With this style of massage you’re able to maximize your time in Vegas, because you won’t be sitting in traffic. 

This can also be more comfortable, because do you really want to walk through some lobby and then wait for the Uber? Sometimes, after a nice massage, you just want to sit around or maybe take a nap because you’re so relaxed. When the massage is done inside of your hotel room that’s exactly what you can do.

For Your Safety We Only Recommend Legal Adult Entertainment

Your safety is a top priority. There are all kinds of people out there offering massages. Or, at the very least, they say they are offering a massage. The thing is, if they are posting advertisements on message boards, you see a post on Reddit, or it’s another random site with little to no information, you never actually know what kind of service you’re going to receive, whether the massage girls are real (or if they look like their pictures). 

With our service, we only work if our reputation is maintained. Once you lose your reputation here in Vegas everything else is shot. It is why we vet every girl we work with. We want to make sure you receive the highest quality of service, that the girls are exactly who their photographs show they are, and that everyone has a good, safe, adult time.

Our Personal Recommendations Based On Experience

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose who you want to have a massage from, the kind of massage you want, and how to go about doing it. Honestly, it can be a little frightening at first to order body rubs, because it is so new. Of course, it is both frightening and exciting. It’s a full body rub, so we recommend going for a girl you think looks fun. All of our girls are experts at making you feel comfortable, so there’s no need to worry about that. And as for the massage, choose what you think you’d have the most fun with. If it is your very first erotic massage, a simple Nuru or Thai massage could be great. Usually one on one is fun and exciting without getting too crazy. A dark tantra massage, where there’s additional BDSM might not be for everyone, and it’s not something you should dive right into if you’ve never had a Tantric massage (or done BDSM before). So ease into it. Don’t worry, you can always elevate your states of consciousness with an adult massage on the next visit. 

What Is An Erotic Massage Anyway? 

There are all kinds of exotic massage options available. It isn’t as simple as an “Asian” massage. There are more traditional massages like Thai or Korean. Then there is NURU, which is a Japanese-based oil massage. A foot massage, where a girl massages you with her feet. Four hands (AKA two girls rubbing you), a tantra massage, and even a dark tantra massage, which brings in some elements of BDSM. What kind of massage would you like? 

Tips On Finding The Right Massage Experience 

Do you have a fantasy? Have you always wanted two girls to rub you down before? Maybe you’re into feet? Or you want something a bit more traditional, only you want the girl to be naked. There’s no need to overcomplicate this. Just consider what you like and would find enjoyable. As the KISS saying goes, Keep It Simple Stupid.

You Are Ready For A Booking 

f you’ve made it this far than you already know you want a massage. So why not continue forward with a booking? It’s the only way to make sure you land the girl you’re interested in. The longer you wait the greater the chance of that perfect girl getting swooped up by someone else. So, book your girl and your massage experience today.

How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing is similar to when you pay for an escort. You will pay a set fee listed on the website for the particular girl. Once the girl arrives you can ask for extra services. She will give you prices for these “add cons” when she arrives. If you want to take the massage girl up on these services than you can pay extra on the spot. Generally it is easier to pay with cash for this, but there will be credit and debit options as well. 

Your Preparedness Checklist

Super simple. Are you ready? Relax. That’s it. If you want to shower before your massage (we do recommend this, actually), go ahead. But other than making sure you don’t smell like last night’s ashtray, everything else will be taken care of. Your girl will make sure you’re comfortable with everything that’s going on. 

Avoiding Scams

The lowdown is pretty simple. Only book erotic services (this includes not only massages but escorts as well) through reputable services. We all work based off of reputation, and one bad apple can ruin the entire bunch, which is why we are very particular with who we work with. Don’t book someone off the street or a Craigslist-like website. And don’t pay for someone that approaches you in a casino. It’s likely not on the level. 

More Tips/ Summary

Don’t worry about billing statements or cold calls. You will never receive a strange bill appear on your credit card, and it’s not going to read “happy ending erotic massage.” Might as well outline it with giant red arrows pointing toward it. We will tell you exactly what it will be on the bill, and it won’t appear like it is anything adult related. We also won’t send you emails, call you, or have any kind of interaction with you. Your confidentiality is a top priority for us. 

Everything is safe, secure, and, most importantly, fun. So if you’re looking to relax while also stepping out of the ordinary, there’s never been a better time to receive an incredible massage than your next trip to Las Vegas.

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