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lucy5Why Las Vegas?

So the guys got together with you for a couple drinks and everyone was getting caught up when the topic of conversation finally got to Steve's wedding. Stephen was a "slow starter" and everyone was thinking, but not mentioning, the wedding night. We've all been friends for years, since high school, through college and first job jitters. We've all been there for each other, but this thing with Steve, we didn't know what to do. We don't always agree with each others crazy ideas, and we have our weirdness, all of us, so who's to say if his ideas of waiting until he's married to experience the physical pleasures of life is right or wrong? Only, as his friends, we worry about him bungling about on his first night in bed with his beautiful bride.

Knowing the one thing we agreed on was that we had to respect his wishes about waiting, we still had the nerve wracking challenge of planning a bachelor party for our friend. We didn't want it to be some lame party, it had to be a send off that spoke to his heart for all the years we've rallied together and helped each other through our pains in life. Some of the ideas were pretty good, some really sucked, and some were ridiculous. I was about to file one of mine in the ridiculous round file when I just took a chance and brought it up. "I know we fully want to respect Stephen's wishes to wait for his Wedding night with Juliet, for their first time and all... but - as I said but a dozen hopeful pairs of eyes turned to mine...

Bachelor Parties

"There is this service in Las Vegas," I was a little worried about what they'd think about this one, it was a whopper"! I told them about the "erotic massage Las Vegas" Escort service where you can order as much or as little Las Vegas massage as you are comfortable with. For example some guys like a little mystery with their strippers, some guys have to see it all. The same is true with massages, some guys just are looking for the quickest happy ending Las Vegas has to offer, but this service is special. You can have any array of sensual experiences like tantra massage Las Vegas, or NURU massage Las Vegas, without going beyond your comfort zone.

Girls direct to you offers the privacy of a hotel room where you can decide if you want a hotel suite with a stripper pole, or a more simple set up, with plenty of room for two or three girls to perform some really exceptional stripping choreography. In addition to their professional dance and stripper backgrounds, you can select other sensual services. Las Vegas in room massage services are just about laying on a table and someone rubs you down. In fact, these escorts in Las Vegas know all kinds of massage techniques from deeply sensual Japanese cultures of ancient worlds to some massage styles born of psychological research on how to help people with sexual inhibitions and stuff. We started to talk about which massage style would be a great match for our buddy Steve.

Girls Direct To You

Hey, we are in Vegas, why not? First, should we order a group of sexy strippers to entertain the guys, and set up the hotel bedroom as a separate sexy room for sensual massages? The service says the girls bring all the needed supplies from special sheeting to protect the hotel bedding from the massage oils to candles, mood music and of course stripper music for the dancers. We take care of the catering and booze, make sure everyone has lots of bills for tipping, and remind Steve he is only to go as far as he is comfortable with the girls. His party, his choice!

Now, the rest of us, not being under the same restrictions have the added challenge of deciding between the delicate art of Asian massage Las Vegas Style, or the real deal, Tantric massage Las Vegas style where the masseuse is focused on those areas most guys find very mesmerizing. There is a menu of sexual massage Las Vegas on the girls direct to you Las Vegas website. We found  the site very informative, we could pick out the girls we liked for stripping, massaging and figure out what kind of massages we wanted at the party. Once we had out ideas, we made the call.

Decisions To Make

It was all set, we all thought the girls direct to your room plan was safer, hotel rooms are cleaner, more private and many are set up to have enough room for really great bachelor parties. Plus we would avoid the excessive dower of possibly getting pulled over for a DUI after being out on the town, which happens a lot when bachelor parties are held in public venues. The in room massage Las Vegas style was a whole package of different massages from Las Vegas sensual massage to the naked massage Las Vegas tantra, and two of us wanted to go all the way with the NURU massage with that awesome NURU gel, the slipperiest gel substance on the planet. This is fully naked women sliding and gliding on our fully naked hard bodies, performing a total massage!

We felt excited about our decisions, but a teeny bit greedy - so we decided to order a Couples Massage Las Vegas gift for the wedding couple for after they were married. Since we were being thoughtful, we decided NOT to plan this "girls to your room Las Vegas extravaganza" the weekend before the wedding. We didn't want to deal with a hung over groom at the wedding, so we booked our sensual massage Las Vegas bachelor party a month in advance!

This way we knew we had all the girls we picked, with specialty training in Las Vegas Tantra massage, or Las Vegas Tantric massage, Las Vegas Asian massage and my favorite, Las Vegas nuru massage. Not only that but we had plenty of cash left over for additional Las Vegas Erotic massage with stripper dances plus we all chipped in so Steve didn't have to pay. We were pretty positive Stephen would be comfortable setting his own limits, which meant his bachelor party would be a Las Vegas Happy Ending all the way around!