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Maybe you've tried the rest, perhaps not, but either way - you are at the website that leads you to the "Best of the Best", Escorts to Your Room! Our professional website is a comprehensive Las Vegas Escorts contact site. You'll find world-class beauties with experience from top professional masseuse techniques and talents, to women with high-interest conversational skills, exceptional dance and stripper choreography, and V.I.P. escort services for the best GirlFriend Experience, (GFE), packages offered anywhere in Vegas.

Looking for extreme adventure and excellent quality companionship? Girls direct to you Las Vegas Las Vegas adventure for men or women who want a companion or girlfriend to accompany them to events, galas, parties, super clubs, Las Vegas Entertainment venues, any business events where you want to impress or entertain partners or clients, or any of your own reasons. It's always more fun in Vegas when you have a professionally trained, multi-skilled, beautiful young woman along.

Our impressively talented girls to your room Las Vegas escorts have abilities and training in many varieties of world-class in room massage Las Vegas style techniques. Sensual massage Las Vegas style is very definitely one of the most sought after specialties that our clients ask about. Our masseuses have qualified training in the Ancient arts of Asian massage, using loving, caresses and strong methods of bringing relaxation and freedom from travel soreness to our visitors body pasts. Reflexology is a form of foot massage to take away the ache and tiredness feeling, restoring energy and providing refreshment. This is sensual massage Las Vegas business people enjoy to the max!

Before attending an event or just getting your body to respond to your social demands while in Las Vegas, one sure way to prepare is by having an in room massage Las Vegas style. If you have time before your business commitments, try the Tantric massage for releasing your sexual tension as well. Most athletes will agreed that they can focus better on the game after having therapeutic massage that intensifies their spiritual awareness and sensory perceptions. Often any sexual issues being stored up interfere with total concentration, focus, and commitment to a task. Using the Tantric, or Tantra massage techniques, will focus more on releasing sexual inhibitions and physical blocks to success.

Couples Massage Las Vegas

It may be new to you, but couples massage has been a service elite couples have enjoyed for decades. There is a sense of camaraderie when two people who feel close to each other begin having massages together. Private massages are extremely relaxing, sensual and can also be energizing at the end, but multiply that times two, two men, two women, one of each - or two masseuses all for yourself. This is Las Vegas - what rules? Escorts to Your Room Rules!

Couples of any mix or formulation can reap benefits from enjoying one of our various massage packages, slipping and sliding with this delightfully lovely, slick NURU Gel. Full-body massages by fully nude experts will delight you both and bring you to deeper levels of intimacy. Las Vegas Couples massage is an adventure in itself, but if you like these talented women are also ready to pack up their candles, gels, fragrances and music to join you for an adventure on the Las Vegas Strip. Dinner and a show, learn where to shop for unexpected surprises, or find yourselves ushered to the front of the line of an exclusive Las Vegas night spot to spend all that lovely energy dancing and partying with the elite of Vegas.

The flip side of couples massage in Las Vegas is you can go out and party with your Las Vegas Escort girls, then at the end of the night, have those massages that will lull your body into a tranquil deep sleep so you will awake ready for bigger adventures the next day! Couple sometimes prefer to have an in room date with their Las Vegas "GFE" companions. Playing board games, watching an adult movie, or even watching as a couple while their lovely Las Vegas escorts provide adult entertainment right there in their hotel room. There is a lot going on with Couples Massage in Las Vegas, give us a call and join in!

Tantric Massage Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas Tantric massage is a form of ancient massage and spiritual disciplines often thought to be a mystery surrounding the private body parts and function of both men and women. Persons looking for advanced massage skills will order this type of massage, but you must be willing to experience new things. The masseuse will focus intently on areas of the body some people would not feel relaxed about, and the intensity of the massage is not for the faint of heart. This is a very exclusive and progressive niche' type of body work.

In fact, if you have never had a Las Vegas sensual massage, call us for your girls direct to your room package and mention you wish to work your way up to that massage with something a little simpler at first. It is the journey that brings you most pleasure, not simply reaching your destination!